“Hyper-Construct 3” (2015), for Piano Quartet

“Hyper-Construct 3” Score Sample

This high-speed journey is a frenetic exploration of how to work around an unchanging, ever-present constant. Throughout the work a strict process presents an exhaustive set of three part combinations that can always be heard in the lively rhythmic dancing lines. There is never a single beat of this piece where that figure is not running! Around it springs ever-changing material that draws from its pitch and rhythmic qualities. This frenzied journey has no traditional formal shape – no final buildup, no climax, no return home – just ups and downs and twists and turns!

Steven Beck, piano; and Mivos Quartet Members: Hanna Hurwitz, violin; Victor Lowrie, viola; and Mariel Roberts, cello

Premiere: June 24, 2016 – Walden School Composers Forum: Dublin, NH