“Four Cycles” (2013), for String Quartet

“Four Cycles” Score Sample

This work consists of 12 formal sections, with four different parameters acting simultaneously on each section. The parameters are 1. effects/ no effects, 2. Motive group A, B, or C, 3. dynamic level, and 4. consonance/dissonance level. Each parameter repeats after a different number of formal sections, as seen in the chart below:
Appleton Str. Qrt. Chart
The repeating cycles of the four parameters allows the piece to explore formal repetition without relying on traditional forms. These parameters also give each section a unique profile that significantly alters the musical material. In this way, the piece becomes an experience of familiar elements that are constantly returning, but always in an altered way.

Ryan Luo, violin; Zachary Schwartz, violin; Jedrick Chao, viola; Richard Sayanagi, cello
Premiere: May 7, 2013 – Lyman Hall, Pomona College